I shamelessly enjoy my boyfriend’s band


I don’t have a ‘Little Brother’…

But if I did, I’m still not sure whether he would like the book ‘Little Brother’ by Cory Doctorow. While I’m generally a lover of dystopia novels, this one kind of resembled a web 3.0 reality -one I generally like to hide from in my recreational time. Reading about augmented reality games and scholarship through the lens of the main character a tech-savvy and rebellious male seems a little to ‘first world problems’ a context to me…

From first world problems blog:
“I am paralyzed with indecision about which iPhone flashlight application to use.”

“I have to take the stairs every day in my condo instead of using the elevator in order to avoid making small talk with the front-desk attendant.”(floatingscript)

from thechive:

having a predominantly popular consumer culture…

only opens up the possibilities for more hilarious counter cultures.

Here is John Waters on contemporary art and controversy, wow; http://bigthink.com/ideas/24050. I love John Waters he is one my role models. That is why I have his muse Divine as my blog background. So inspiring, I can’t stop listening to John Waters speak…. do it click the link…

Question: Does your art seek to make people angry?

John Waters: I always wanted to make people angry and make them laugh though, to be surprised.  I mean, my early movies were made for a hippie audience.  That’s who went to midnight movies.  But I was a.. look I guess like I had been… I had long hair.  I thought the revolution was coming, but I was a Yippie you know, and so I made fun of Hippies by making violent movies, like “Multiple Maniacs” and “Pink Flamingos,” but the Hippies always liked it.  The same way today.

In my book, “Role Models,” I have chapters that are fairly rude about outsider pornographers and men that go down in outhouses and shit on them, but no one seems to object.  It was on the Best Seller List in the Midwest, I think.  Isn’t that amazing that’s in libraries… And I wrote a very impassioned piece about trying to free one of the Manson women, which not anybody got that controversial about that.  The only thing I’ve said on the book tour that were the cause of people going crazy was, in San Francisco, I said I thought they had good public transportation.  And then there were all these blogs that said, “Has John Waters lost his mind?”  So I thought that was the only controversial thing I said.  So things are… it’s odd, people I guess if they buy my book, they expect to be a little bit surprised.  That’s what they’re paying the money for.  They’d be disappointed if they weren’t.

STILL READING? Listen to it…follow the link above